I am an Assistant Professor of Political Science and Statistics at Iowa State University.  I earned my PhD in Political Science from the University of Iowa in 2013.  My research areas are international relations and political methodology.  My research addresses the intersection between international relations and domestic politics, specifically the relationships between state memberships in international networks and domestic decision-making. My dissertation, Tell Me Who Your Friends Are: An Endogenous Model of International Network Formation and Effect on Domestic Political Outcomes, builds on insights from sociology and network analysis to model domestic reform as an outcome of a two-part endogenous process of states' choice of location in the international trade network and the resulting structural incentives of the network. Methodologically, I study spatial statistics, inferential network analysis, and modeling endogeneity within a spatial context.  

For downloads of recent publications and information on working papers, please visit my research page. My teaching page provides additional information about the courses I have instructed and some tools I have developed for my classrooms. Additionally, you can download my CV here or at the above link.