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    Download "A Local Structure Graph Model"

    Chyzh, Olga V. and Mark S. Kaiser. 2018. "A Local Structure Graph Model: Modeling Formation of Network Edges as a Function of Other Edges." Political Analysis. Forthcoming.
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    Download "Addressing Endogeneity in Network Measures"

    Boehmke, Frederick J., Olga Chyzh, and Cameron G. Thies. 2016. “Addressing Endogeneity in Network Position Similarity Measures.” Political Science Research and Methods 4(1): 123-149.
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    Download "Bankrolling Repression?"

    Chyzh, Olga and Elena Labzina. 2017. ``Bankrolling Repression? Modeling Third-Party Influence on Protests and Repression'' American Journal of Political Science. (Conditional Accept)
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    Download "Can you Trust a Dictator"

    Chyzh, Olga. 2014. “Can You Trust a Dictator: An Endogenous Model of Authoritarian Regimes’ Signing and Compliance with International Treaties.” Conflict Management and Peace Science. 31 (1): 3-27.
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    Download "Dangerous Liaisons"

    Chyzh, Olga. 2016. Dangerous Liaisons: An Endogenous Model of International Trade and Human Rights." Journal of Peace Research. DOI: 10.1177/0022343316629605
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    Download "Keeping Up With Which Joneses"

    Chyzh, Olga. 2016. “Keeping Up With Which Joneses: Spatial Diffusion of Rule of Law through Economic International Organizations.” Foreign Policy Analysis. Forthcoming.
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    Download "Spatial Dimensions of Fiscal Capacity"

    Thies, Cameron G., Olga Chyzh, and Mark David Nieman. 2016. “The Spatial Dimensions of State Fiscal Capacity: The Mechanisms of International Influence on Domestic Extractive Efforts.” Political Science Research and Methods 4(1): 5-26.